Saturday, December 1, 2007


I'm not asking for a girl to love me. I've had that once or twice. All I'm asking for is a girl that will let me love her for everything, and more than what she is. Because, in my experience, that is when girls get scared. That's when she ends everything.

A girl will never know what true love is like.
Only because she doesn't want to know.

I want to be a terrible person.
Only because being a real, kind, honest, loving, genuine person... killing me.

I've made mistakes, yes. I am human.
But I'm fucking tired of feeling like shit because I constantly do the best I can and fail.



Katie said...


I think the problem is that you are not attracted to girls who like you for more than superficial reasons. A girl that's going to let you love the real them is probably not the same girl that is the life of the party.

Sorry... it's just been bothering me, because I've felt like there's more to you than "Jeffrey America", the cool guy everyone knows.

-Jeffrey Edwin said...

i don't know who you are.

i've only been in two relationships in my life. only actually loved once.

fuck jeffrey america. i lost that bullshit a long time ago.

red. said...

Jeffrey, that was sad. I hope you can find someone someday that can make you very happy, and someone that you can make happy as well. you deserve it.

GR Scene Machine said...

be a real, kind, honest, loving, genuine person...and i will give you the world.

or all the world an ex-roomate has to offer.

ps, fall in love with gordie.

Underground Zine said...

Everyone, at one time in their life, will fall in love.

It's inevitable if you're genuine and caring, but the most important thing is that you aren't looking for it.

The greatest loves I have ever heard of always fall into someone's lap when they least expect it. And that's when it's the most beautiful.

Don't turn into a terrible person, don't waste the power to love that not everyone is able to have. You've got a lot of life to live, a lot of people will filter in and out, but when it all comes down to love, that one you finally find will be worth all the trouble you went through to get there.

As far as that 'Jeffrey America' comment, everyone has a past, a person they might've used to be. It is possible to separate yourself from it, you've just got to find a person that will let you.

(Then you can drop Revolt as your last name...hahah)

pilotsandseascapes said...

( I wonder if you will still get this?)
Do you like that everyone posted on your thing about love? It's taking over the world like a super-fever! It's the only thing that matters these days? Are you happy? Certainly, if I have someone to love.

The circumstantial weirdness of our relationship still makes me blush, or scream in to my pillow, but there is always something, no matter how little or dumb, there. Like a bump in the night, or a freight train to the face.

Whatever. I hope you're happy. I never want to have a phone again. I lmoivses you always, anyway, still.